Janssen Family Manifesto

The Power of Following Up

The single biggest piece of advice I could give to new grads or sales people would be this: Follow up. 

You wouldn't imagine the number of people that approach me after a presentation to tell me how much they'd love to work in our industry, or at my company. 

I give them my email and ask them to write me. 

On average, I would say that 10% of the people that approach me actually follow up. 

This is where I win. 

You know those people that say "I was just thinking about you," or "I meant to call you the other day?"  You didn't.  I always do. I follow up.  Relentlessly. 

I do what I say I'm going to do.  And I do it over, and over again.  You don't. 

That is why I will win and you will lose. This is so important that it made it's way into our Janssen Family Manifesto:  "Say what you're going to do.  Do it.  Repeat." 

Simple.  Not easy. 

NOTE: I do not advocate the incessant, no value-add 'follow up' emails with no context. 

Selling to someone who isn't interested is not 'following up', that's spam.