Will, Skill, Strategy or Luck

This has been an incredibly helpful framework that I've been using to assess the success or failure of a project, initiative, or experiment.

Will.  Did you just not put in the work required to get it done?  This is a measure of effort, leverage, and raw horsepower.

Skill.  Did you have the skills, or work to acquire the skills required in order to give your team the best chance of success?

Strategy.  Did you have the right plan?  Did you make the right assumptions?  

Luck.  Did it work (or not) because you were particularly lucky (or unlucky)?

In a conversation with Jamie Scarborough from Sales Talent Agency recently he walked me through a framework that his team uses to assess their successes and failures and this has stuck with me.  

If you're not getting the outcomes you want, it may not be that you haven't found the right answer.  It may be that you're not asking the right question.  In your post-mortems, don't ask 'What went well?  What needs to improve?'   Ask:  Did we get the outcome we wanted?  Was it because of will, skill, strategy or luck?